A Low Phytic Acid, 24 Hour Fermented Bread that tastes delicious!

An easy way to make these very benefical lacto-fermented foods.

When water and Nutri-Salt™ are combined in a saturated solution they form solé (so-lay) - a remarkably beneficial superfood.

An exquisite pesto with activated Brazil nuts. This is a great detox food!

A gritty combination of our mountain crystal salt, coconut oil and lavender.

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The 7 Myths About Happiness

Dr Timothy Sharp

Drawing on the latest research into positive psychology, several common myths will be challenged.

The Death of Desire

Graeme Sait

A healthy sex life is a prerequisite for a happy, fulfilling relationship.


Ingrid Poulson

The gift of resilience is composed of skills and thoughts and behaviours that can help us cope and rise again.

Go Ahead, Laugh!

Anthony Ackroyd

This is a must-see presentation from one of Australia's leading comedians.

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Prostates kill us more commonly than our hearts but most of us are clueless when it comes to proactive prevention.

Reclaiming your passion is the essence of happiness and it often comes back to your own input in the equation.

Learn how we created the ultimate productive food source in a day and then reaped the benefits a month later.

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The most important gift you can give children is an opportunity to achieve peace and happiness during their lives.