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Recipe submitted by NTS Health An easy way to make these very benefical lacto-fermented foods.
4 to 6 people
Preparation Time:
Skill level:
  • For Sauerkraut: Finely chop/slice 1 large cabbage. Add 1 tsp of unprocessed salt. Put into bucket and pound with meat tenderiser to 'bruise' the cabbage and release juices. Add about 1 cup of Bio-Bubble. Add spices if desired (ie. cumin or caraway, bay leaves, etc). Stir thoroughly and pound the cabbage again to allow for as little air as possible to remain in the mixture. Put a plate upside down to cover the mixture. Put water seal (fill plastic bag with water – make sure there are no holes in the bag!) on top of the plate as a seal. Leave standing for several days. Occasionally check that there is no mould growing (remove any cabbage that might have discoloured). After a few days taste the Sauerkraut. When it has reached the desired flavour, bottle off into clean glass containers and keep refrigerated.
  • For Kim Chi: Follow the same procedures as with the Sauerkraut, but also add the following ingredients to the cabbage:
  • Chopped garlic, ginger and chilli
    Any other vegetables you wish to choose (ie. cucumbers, carrots, capsicum, etc)
    Other spices (anything you like the taste of ).
  • 1 cup Bio-Bubble
  • 1 large Cabbage
  • 1 tsp of Nutri-Salt
  • Spices - Cumin. Caraway, Bay leaves, etc.
  • For Kim Chi - Your choice of Vegetables, Garlic, Ginger, Chilli and any other spices you enjoy.

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