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  • Healthy fermented bread

    A Low Phytic Acid, 24 Hour Fermented Bread that tastes delicious!

  • fermented muesli

    A delicious, healthy fermented muesli. The ultimate start to the day.

  • red garlic mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise is easy to make and really worthwhile when using nutrient-rich ingredients.

  • Mountain Salt Detox Peel

    A gritty combination of our mountain crystal salt, coconut oil and lavender.

  • salt sole

    When water and Nutri-Salt™ are combined they form a remarkably beneficial superfood.

  • sauerkraut

    An easy way to make these very benefical lacto-fermented foods.

  • banana smoothie

    Probiotic, Protein and Potassium - a healthy smoothie you will love!

  • Zesty Pesto

    An exquisite pesto with activated Brazil nuts. This is a great detox food!

  • Bone Broth

    Supplies high doses of magnesium and calcium in a bio-available form.