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  • Simon Borg Olivier

    Simon Borg-Olivier: teaches a unique synthesis of ancient yogic wisdom with modern medical science. Learn more now.

  • Anthony Ackroyd

    Anthony Ackroyd: This is a must-see presentation from one of Australia's leading comedians...

  • Graeme Sait

    Graeme Sait: A healthy sex life is a prerequisite for a happy, fulfilling relationship and yet a great many of us have lost the desire.

  • Andrew Fenwick

    Andrew Fenwick: The development of a 'Wellness Attitude' is an integral first step in health and lifestyle changes.

  • salt sole

    Sherry Strong: Food rebel and author, Sherry says most items in your local market are either toxic, addictive, or designed to make you hungrier.

  • Marc Cohen

    Prof. Marc Cohen: This presentation will explore the relationship between universal laws, human health, happiness and consciousness.

  • Ingrid Poulson

    Ingrid Poulson: This session explores both the theory and practice of some of the most important resilience traits and characteristics.

  • Graeme Sait

    Graeme Sait: This timely presentation highlights the profound connection between soil health, human health and planetary health.

  • Dr Timothy Sharp - Happiness Institute

    Dr Timothy Sharp: Drawing on the latest research into positive psychology, several common myths will be challenged.

  • Joan Wilson-Jones

    Joan Wilson-Jones: We can only truly understand ourselves through relationship with others...read more

  • Anthony Ackroyd

    Anthony Ackroyd: This presentation is for anyone who has ever been a child, a friend, a lover, a partner, or a parent! A memorable, always hilarious show.

  • Graeme Sait

    Graeme Sait: Successful relationships of all kinds are about intimate connection and this involves communication skills & understanding.

  • Dr Timothy Sharp - Happy Children

    Dr Timothy Sharp: can we confidently teach our children to find happiness when it's often such a struggle to achieve it in our own lives?