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What is Red Gold™?

Twenty-three different carotenes contribute to the rich ochre colour of this nutrient-dense oil, including beta carotene and lycopene. This organic red palm oil also contains seven of the eight forms of vitamin E. In fact, it contains the highest levels of carotenes and vitamin E of any food. World renowned chefs are now actively promoting the flavour enhancing qualities of this nutritious oil.

"The question of which oils to embrace and which oils to avoid is a critically important decision. Saturated fats have been demonised in modern dietary dogma, when in fact some of these fats are both protective and incredibly beneficial. The medium chain fatty acids found in Red Palm Oil are infinitely superior to the hydrogenated trans-fats found in most cooking oils. Red Gold is the world's healthiest cooking oil, capable of turning fried food from a liability to a legacy!"



Red Gold™ - Organic, Virgin Red Palm Oil is sustainably farmed and is the highest quality available. Our oil is processed up to 10 times faster than standard palm oil products to ensure the natural goodness and nutritional benefits are preserved.

  • Lycopene has been shown to promote the cell death of unwanted, "distorted" cells and it is also a powerful free radical scavenger.

  • Red Palm Oil contains luxury levels of pro-vitamin A.

  • Red Palm Oil contains medium chain fatty acids which are not stored as fat, in the manner of long chain fatty acids.

  • The phenomenal tocotrienal component of this oil is a remarkable 'brain friendly' nutrient.

  • Vitamin E is an important nutrient for the heart.

  • Carotenes work synergistically to quell free radical fires and are far more powerful when supplied as a team rather than in isolation.

  • Very high smoke point – great for cooking.

This delicious cooking oil is exceptionally stable due to a combination of a high percentage of beneficial saturated fats combined with a massive antioxidant component which reduces oxidation during cooking. In fact, Red Gold™ is the world's most nutritious cooking oil.


Sustainably-Farmed Red Palm Oil has many applications.

  • Use Red Gold™ as a stable cooking oil and a functional food whenever you are frying.

  • Use Red Gold™ as the fatty acid component in baking and bread making.

  • Add Red Gold™ to smoothies at one tablespoon per day.


No Trans Fats

Organic Virgin Red Palm Fruit Oil.


What does RedGold™ taste like?

It has a mild, savoury taste that will often enhance the flavour of the food you cook with it. It tastes great!

I've been told that buying Red Palm Oil destroys rainforest and kills orangutans. Is this true?

Unfortunately, many palm oil products are guilty of this. But not all Red Palm Oil is evil; you just need to be careful where you buy it from. RedGold™ is sustainably grown on a family-owned, South American farm. We are the world's largest sustainable living company...destroying the planet is not something we stand for!