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What is Cocoji™?

Cocoji™ is the ultimate antioxidant food containing whole Tibetan goji berries coated with premium dark chocolate.

"It is widely accepted that free radical damage is linked to all of the degenerative diseases and it is the primary cause of aging. Antioxidants may neutralise free radicals so our wellbeing and defence capacity is strongly influenced by our intake of antioxidants."


Organic, Tibetan goji berries dipped in delicious dark chocolate. A guilt-free indulgence combining two of the world’s ‘power foods’. Cocoji™ is the ultimate antioxidant food.

  • Offers a nutrition-rich indulgence. Tasty treats are rarely so beneficial!
  • Oxidative stress is part of modern life so antioxidant-rich food is essential.
  • 20 g per day is equivalent to the recommended antioxidant intake of 5000 ORAC points.
  • Tibetan goji berries contain the highest level of supportive carotenoids of any food.

The scientific measurement of antioxidant value is called the ORAC score. Blueberries were originally top of the ORAC charts with a score of 2500 and prunes were the leading dried fruit with a score of 5500. This was until the discovery of the tremendous antioxidant content of Tibetan goji berries and the surprising supportive potential of dark chocolate. Dried goji berries have an ORAC score of over 25,000 while dark chocolate scores a remarkable 13,000.

Historical Background

The nutrient dense goji berry has been used as a medicine in Tibet and China for thousands of years while cacao has been used therapeutically for several hundred years. The Mayans consumed cacao liberally and valued it so highly that at one point it was used as a currency.

Please note that if you live in Western Australia or Northern Territory, the product may melt in transit. We have no control over the temperature of the delivery trucks.


Made in Australia (using imported ingredients).

Dark chocolate (cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa butter oil and soy lecithin) and whole Tibetan goji berries. Dark chocolate contains a minimum of 63% cocoa solids. Note: This product is made on the same equipment used to process products containing nuts and milk traces. 


What is a goji berry?
The goji berry is native to China, Mongolia and Tibet. It is a small, red fruit that is often called a 'superfood' due to the many natural health benefits it can provide.

Cocoji™ appears to have a very high ORAC score. What is an ORAC score and why is it relevant?
ORAC is an acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a laboratory performed test that provides an overall measure of a food's antioxidant activity. Cocoji™ has very high levels of antioxidants, which may help to neutralise damaging free radicals.

Ok, so what are free radicals?
A free radical is an atom or molecule with an unpaired electron. A 'demolition ball' metaphor is often used to describe the destruction they can cause in the body. Free radical damage accumulates with age, which is why antioxidant products are often marketed as 'anti-aging'.