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What is ChiaTone™?

ChiaTone™ can offer enhanced hydration, sustained energy and broad-spectrum nutrition for anyone involved in sports or manual labour and may also reduce fatigue and boost concentration for those confined to the office. Aztec warriors sustained themselves for days with a single pouch of chia seed providing their nutrition and energy.

"It is difficult to imagine a food source with more benefits than chia. It is the highest known plant source of omega-3 and contains luxury levels of all 8 essential amino acids. It has 4 times more antioxidants than blueberries, and contains high levels of B12, folic acid, calcium and magnesium."


ChiaTone™ features the tiny seeds of an ancient South American herb. When soaked in water, these seeds form a gel that is incredibly rich in nutrients and soluble fibre but are free from gluten.

  • One of the highest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Slows the absorption of carbohydrates.

  • Contains exceptional levels of soluble & insoluble fibre to promote regularity.

  • Helps neutralise the negatives of high GI foods.

  • Contains twice the protein concentration of most grains.

  • Involves the perfect calcium to magnesium ratio.

  • Features a phenomenal antioxidant/ORAC score of 10,000.

This ancient omega superfood is one of the most nutrient-dense food substances on the planet and it represents a dynamic new component of a proactive diet.

Aztec warriors sustained themselves for days with a single pouch of chia seed providing their nutrition and energy. One tablespoon of ChiaTone™ becomes nine tablespoons of nutritious gel, which can keep you feeling for full for hours. This feeling of 'fullness' may be well-justified, considering the phenomenal levels of oils, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre found in these remarkable seeds.

Recommended Usage

Add one or two tablespoons of ChiaTone™ to a glass of water or fruit juice. Wait 15 minutes, stir and drink each day in the morning.

Prepare nutrient-enriched smoothies, cereals, dressings and sauces by mixing chia gel into these foods or drinks. There are many great chia recipe ideas online.


100% Chia Seeds



What is the difference between white and black chia seeds?

We get asked this regularly. They are virtually identical other than the obvious variation in colour.

What does ChiaTone™ taste like?

Chia has very little flavour and can be added to food and drinks without affecting the taste. In some cases, it actually enhances flavours as it has 'displacement' properties. When eaten plain or as a gel there is a vague nutty taste.

Is ChiaTone™ Gluten-Free?

Yes it is!

Can ChiaTone™ help me with regularity?

Yes, chia seeds contain high amounts of fibre that help to retain water throughout digestion, cleansing and hydrating the digestive system.

When is the best time to eat ChiaTone™?

Whenever you feel like it! If you are about to do physical exercise and want to stay hydrated and energised, try a tablespoon in a bottle of water or juice. If you want to reduce your appetite, eat it with meals. You will find that you stay feeling fuller for longer and don't feel the urge to snack.

Will Chia make me lose weight?

The Chia seeds themselves won't make you lose weight but they can be used very successfully as part of an overall diet strategy. Chia seeds are often used as meal replacements or added to food to make it more filling. If you research this further you will see many people have had exciting results.

Do you have any recipes or meal ideas involving Chia?

Yes, please head to our Wellness Centre. You will find many interesting articles, hundreds of hours of inspirational videos and recipes involving the unique NTS Health range!