Online Natural Health Store

NTS are specialists in ultra-high quality, unique health products. Over the past decade, the Australian company has developed an exclusive range of natural health products designed to enhance longevity and overall wellbeing. NTS is a recognised leader in the holistic wellness and health industry throughout Australia.

NTS philosophy differs from the symptom-treating 'sickness' industry with their focus upon the proactive maintenance of optimal wellness. Digestive health, immune support, and detox are some of the issues addressed by the NTS Health. There is also an emphasis on education and empowerment to reclaim vitality.


This integrative, natural health approach encompasses the latest in longevity research and breakthroughs in energy medicine. Probiotics, health foods, probiotic supplements, transdermal magnesium, tamanu oil, phytonutrients, antioxidants and nutrient enhanced super-foods are all components of the NTS wellness strategy.


Online Health Store

NTS offer the ultimate in luxurious natural products at their online health shop. All items in the selection have been developed or sourced using the best ingredients available. Discover cutting-edge information at the Wellness Centre; featuring 100's of inspirational videos, articles and recipes.


Natural Health Product Range

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• Health Foods
• Health Products
• Immune Support
• Detox Products
• Liver Detox
• Probiotics
• Transdermal Magnesium
• Liquid Magnesium
• Tamanu Oil


NTS offer the highest quality Australian-made health products at amazing prices. Discover vibrant health now.