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What is TamuSkin™?

Tamanu oil is an amazing traditional Melanesian skin care treatment used for centuries in Vanuatu and Tahiti.


"Research is constantly revealing remarkable medicinal qualities in exotic and native plant species. Occasionally, one of these plant extracts is shown to possess such remarkable qualities that it becomes a staple in every bathroom cabinet. Aloe vera and tea tree oil are prime examples. In recent years a new plant extract from Vanuatu has emerged as a prime contender in the super oil stakes. This pacific powerhouse is called Tamanu oil."


Melanesian Miracle Oil. Discover the amazing benefits of Pure Tamanu Oil.

  • Offers comprehensive skin support – including anti-aging.

  • Super penetrative offering exceptional cell hydration.

  • Features a unique fatty acid called calophyllic acid.

  • Our Tamanu Oil is the purest available – always get the best for maximum benefit.

Whenever a culture has regarded a plant material as "sacred", then it is usually safe to assume that it is something special. The Tamanu tree (Calophyllum tacamahaca) is indigenous to tropical South East Asia. A 3-metre, mature tree blooms twice a year, producing a circular, yellow skinned fruit containing a large nut. The kernel from within this nut is cured for up to two months until it produces a dark, thick, sticky oil. At this point the kernels are cold-pressed to generate a rch, yellow green oil. It takes a 100 kg of Tamanu fruit (the complete yield of a mature tree) to produce just 5 litres of cold pressed oil. This oil exhibits a remarkable range of benefits and the increasing international awareness of this wonderful oil is offering much-needed employment opportunities for small communities. When Tamanu oil is scientifically scrutinised it does indeed justify its "sacred" reputation.

Understanding The Actives

Tamanu oil exhibits a unique and complex chemistry. In 1953, French research scientist, Professor Lederer, isolated the two key chemical components linked to the exciting citracising capacity. He identified a totally new fatty acid, calophyllic acid, and a novel antibiotic lactone and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent called calophyllolide. The oil contains three classes of lipids including neutral lipids, glycolipids and phospholipids and it also features a significant percentage of anti-inflammatory coumarins.

NTS Health produce the highest quality Tamanu oil available, extracted using traditional methods (no heat). The slight sediment present at the bottom of the bottle is a mark of unmatched purity. We do not filter our oil like many inferior products.


Warning: Do not use if allergic to nuts. Before using, test on a small area of skin. If any reaction occurs, discontinue use.

Directions for Use: Apply liberally at least 3 times per day and up to 10 times for problem areas.


Do not use if allergic to nuts. Before using, test on a small area of skin. If any reaction occurs, discontinue use.

100% Pure, Organic Tamanu Oil


"I was going to send you an email of appreciation! But you beat me to it! My package arrived today! So unexpectedly fast! The Tamanu oil I have discovered is one of God's gifts and I use it daily for various treatments, most probably will now do so for life! Thanks for your great service. You will hear from me again!" 

Claudia Gwynne, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

"I am Tamanu oil's greatest fan. Having reached the age of 50 (okay, so maybe I'm a little older), I found that I was beginning to have some age spots appear on the back of my hands. I think this was due to spending too much time in a bikini when I was younger. Whatever the reason, I didn't like it. I now use Tamanu oil all the time. It is the greatest skin care secret of all time and but for moving to live in Vanuatu, I wouldn't even have learnt that such a miraculous natural product existed."

Pamela Reynolds, Port Villa, Vanuatu

"I ordered TamuSkin™ a week ago, the parcel arrived within 5 days in perfect order. I think this is an excellent grade product. Unlike other Tamanu oil, TamuSkin oil has a very refined texture with a hint of pleasant nutty smell. It's a perfect natural moisturizer for blemished skin. In short – awesome product and great customer service. I recommend this wonder-oil and NTS Health to anyone." 

B. Ian